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You’ve been called out Obama!

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Last night’s session

Last night’s session

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Jackie Chan. He is a rollerblade.

Jackie Chan. He is a rollerblade.

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Is rollerblading considered an art form? We at I Roll NY believe it is.

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Holy. Fuck.

Holy. Fuck.

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Why isn’t this on everyone’s page?

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phnxrsng said: How hard is it to do aggressive on inline hockey skates (grinding etc)?

I wouldn’t recommend trying to do grinds on hockey skates as the frames and boots aren’t necessarily made to be grinded on, but that’s not saying it isn’t possible. In fact, that’s how “aggressive” skating started…in a loosely based way. I personally just don’t think it would be the best way to go about getting started doing grinds now that there are more convenient ways to get started.

"Aggressive" skates come with a wide soul area, the space under the boot that is to the left and right of the frame. This area is one part that is used to grind on. As well,"aggressive" frames have a designated groove area between the 2nd and 3rd wheel that is used to grind on. Hockey boots don’t tend to have a wide soul space nor does a hockey frame tend to have a groove. You could always try it out though, maybe take the 2nd and 3rd wheel out of your aluminum frame and go fly at an unwaxed ledge and see what happens!

DISCLAIMER: I Roll NY and it’s affiliates do not recommend or encourage grinding on rails and / or ledges with hockey skates or any type of skates for that matter. Do something better with your life. Become a doctor or a lawyer and then laugh at the idea of you wanting to jump on things when you’re chilling in your mansion.

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Sean Santamaria, Mike Lilly, and Matt Ladewski

Pat Doherty


KC Roche

Andrew Nemiroski & David Sizemore

Colin Kelso

Chris Cheshire & Sean Kelso

Nick Labarre

Alex Broskow

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True love.

True love.

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Razors Yuri Botelho II

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